Browse Month: September 2016

Preventing Your Security Camera from Getting Hacked

If you used closed-circuit surveillance for your home security camera system, then you don’t really have anything to worry about with regards to malicious hackers possibly gaining access. It’s those home security cameras which are connected to the internet which are a cause for concern, posing the security risk of being hacked and controlled in a way which you didn’t originally intend for them to be operated. Continue Reading

Picking the Brain of a Real Hacker

The term “hacker” can cause a lot of confusion amongst those who aren’t quite up to speed with the different types of hackers in existence and where the term actually originates from. Fundamentally, a hacker isn’t a bad person — a hacker isn’t someone who like in the movies sits in a dark room, types rapidly on a screen with some funky green text and breaks into some “mainframe” so that they can access some of the sensitive details and data of some people, to use for their illicit activities. Continue Reading