Browse Month: December 2016

What AI Could Mean for Your Family’s Safety

There’s quite a big noise among trade unions, socialists and many others, even capitalists, about how robots are inevitably going to replace all our jobs in the future. Robots seem to be developing at a rate that has a lot of people up in arms because some of what we humans do to earn our living seems to be what’s targeted by the development of these robots. In their most well-developed state, robots can do any labour intensive or repetitive job with much better efficiency than any human in that they can do it quickly and they effectively don’t get tired or sick as a human would. Continue Reading

What Happens When You Don’t Run System Updates

It’s perhaps not too much of an issue for you if you live somewhere where your internet connection isn’t expensive or if it’s totally free, but otherwise running system updates on any of your systems which are connected to the internet in some way can really be heavy on your bandwidth and data. I mean you ask any Windows 10 user who perhaps recently gave in to the forced upgrades and they’ll tell you quite an interesting story of how this latest version of Microsoft’s operating system is so data-hungry. Continue Reading