3 Password Statistics to Push You Towards 2 Factor Authentication

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You’ll probably have been told time and time again how important it is to practice good password behaviour. However, many of us still stick with the same old practices, and that gives hackers plenty of opportunity to infiltrate systems all across the world.

One of the best practices is to use 2 factor authentication, which adds an additional layer of security beyond the standard password and username. Here are just 3 password statistics that underline how advantageous 2 factor authentication can be.

  1. 27% of Office Workers Would Sell Their Password

One recent survey reported that 27% of U.S. office workers at large companies would be willing to sell their passwords. The problem is apparently more significant in the United States, but even the world average was a worrying 20%, and the same research suggests that a willingness to sell passwords is increasing. Of those surveyed, 56% would have demanded over $1,000, but many were willing to go as low as $100. 2 factor authentication would help prevent such behaviour since codes are often changed for every login and access is easier to trace.

  1. 65% of People Use the Same Password Everywhere

You might be telling yourself that your staff would never risk the wellbeing of the business for their own personal gain. Even if that’s true, you’re left with the fact that many of those same people are leaving you open to hackers by using the same password across all accounts. From Facebook to work email to online forums, well over half of web users keep only one password. If the password for any of those accounts is discovered, a hacker will gain access to your work network. 2 factor authentication prevents that from happening.

  1. 90% of Employee Passwords Can Be Broken in Six Hours

A complex password can be tough to remember, but using special characters and avoiding actual words will make a password a lot harder to crack. Unfortunately, not many people are taking those steps, even for their work accounts, with research suggesting that most employee passwords can be cracked within just six hours. Adopting strong password creation practices is key for cyber security, but you can also protect yourself against the possible damage caused by a cracked password by using 2 factor authentication.


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