How to Create Slideshows from Photo Collections

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Making a slideshow from your photos collection can be fun and bring back good memories. Now, you can make your own slideshow video by using a basic slideshow maker like Movavi Slideshow Maker. Movavi Slideshow Maker incorporate all the features for making a professional slideshow. You will never find the need of having to look for another tool to finish the slideshow project. With Movavi Slideshow Maker, you can create a slideshow video that is watchable on a mobile phone because it allows you to save it in format like MP4.

The first step is to load the photos that are to be used for the slideshow. You should have already prepared these pictures on your computer. If they are still on your camera, you should have them transferred to the computer. The timeline panel is drag and drop enabled so you just have to drag the pictures to load them. Another way is to click the Add Media Files button and choose the pictures to add into the timeline panel. The Add Folder button allows you to add a folder that contain pictures for the slideshow presentation.

In the Movavi video slideshow maker, you will be working on the slideshow mainly on the timeline panel. Above the timeline panel, there is a time ruler that lets you know when exactly the slide will play. The red line will move as the slideshow play in the preview area so that you know which slide is currently playing. If you need to delete a slide, you just select it and press the Del key or the trash button in the toolbar above. If you have a picture slide that is in the wrong orientation, you can get it back to the right orientation by clicking on the rotate button. The rotate button will make a clockwise rotation at each rotation.

In the timeline panel, you will see that the pictures that are load will be in the center row. The row beneath is the row for adding the audio tracks. If you want your slideshow to feature a background music, you just have to drag the soundtracks into this row. If you drag multiple audio tracks, they will line up one after another in the row. You can use the scissor button to trim an audio track that you feel is too long. It is also possible to add videos into the slideshow and you can drag your videos to the second row in the timeline panel. If you don’t know where to let go of the cursor, you just need to look for the plus sign. It shows that this is the correct place where the media files should be load.

In the slideshow, you may want to add some text to communicate a message to your audience. Movavi Slideshow Maker provides the text tool in the T tab that allows you to add animated text. With the text tool, you can add attractive text that can capture the attention of the audience. To enter the text, you must first select the desired text style and drag it to the area above the slide. The text that you enter will be displayed in the T row in the timeline.

If the slideshow looks plain, you can add some transitions to spice it up. To add transitions, you have to go to the tab just above the T tab. The transitions are arranged in different categories such as artistic, fade, warp, wipe and circle. If you like a transition, you can click on the heart icon on the top left corner and it will be added to the Favorites section. To see how it looks on your slide, you must first apply it. The correct placement of the transition style is the space in between the two slides. If you don’t like the transition, you can select it and click the trash button to delete it.


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