Cryptocurrency Explained


 Cryptocurrency is a type of currency that is separate from any countries or banks and is organised through a digital network called blockchain. This runs a secure record of each transaction and every time someone buys using cryptocurrency, this transaction is logged in the network. Bitcoin is the most prevalent and trusted cryptocurrency in the …

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The Internet of Things and Security


 Bar from that tech which spawned from initially being developed for the military industry, most tech is developed as a result of a bunch of peoples’ desire to make our lives a little easier and make some good money for themselves, of course. If you think that’s where it ends however, then you need to …

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Picking the Brain of a Real Hacker


 The term “hacker” can cause a lot of confusion amongst those who aren’t quite up to speed with the different types of hackers in existence and where the term actually originates from. Fundamentally, a hacker isn’t a bad person — a hacker isn’t someone who like in the movies sits in a dark room, types …

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How Effective is Your Home Security?


 Some statistics made readily available by the police make for some interesting and rather comforting reading with regard to home burglaries. They’ve definitely dropped quite considerably year-on-year and the reduction in home burglaries seems even bigger when you compare the numbers as they are now to those of ten and twenty years ago.