10 Questions: You Should Ask Your Potential Web Developer during Interview

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Are you preparing yourself to take an interview of a web developer, but you don’t know what to ask him? In today’s article, we are going to give you a list of questions you must ask to hire the best candidate.


Are you willing to create a website and for this purpose, you want to hire the web and app development services? To survive in the digital market and to beat the competition, it is crucial to own a well-designed website by hiring our web developers. It will help you achieve all your goals easily that you have set for your brand. It does not matter if you are going to design a website for the very first time or redesigning it, you need the help of a professional web developer and designer.

As you know that there are countless options available in the market so, it can be really overwhelming to find the best web developer and handover him your project. If you have never had the chance to interview a developer, then it is obvious that you have no knowledge of what you should ask him. In this post, we are going to discuss important questions you must ask to hire a great developer.

You know very well that an initial conversation can give you so much information about an expert. It is necessary for you to know whether your potential professional can help you target your audience and achieve your objectives. After doing the interview, it will become easier for you to make a perfect hiring decision.

What types of services he provides?

The most essential question is to ask him about the types of services he offers. As a web development company, we deliver multiple amenities such as content writing, website creation and designing, hosting, app development, and digital marketing services. All of these services are interconnected with each other, so if a web developer has a grip on all of them, then you won’t have to run here and there to find other experts. Everything will be handled under one roof easily and you will have a better understanding of what the developer is doing and when. Almost every company offers these services, but it is better to ask your selected person.

Does he offer custom or pre-designed website templates?

Most of the companies offer both facilities to fit the needs of their customers. Some companies want to become a strong brand in the market, so to look unique and highly-functional, they provide a website from scratch. However, it depends on you what type of service you are looking for and inform him about it earlier. It will help the developer to give you an accurate price comparison between both.

Look at his portfolio

The most important thing you have to do is to look at his portfolio to know his design styles. Looking at the portfolio will help you evaluate his expertise and make sure to note the performance of the websites. If the website is easy to navigate, the design is good, pages are loading quickly, and the design matches the theme of the brand, then it is good to hire him. Ask him different questions about why things were done the way they were and was he able to satisfy the needs of his clients. By checking his past work examples, you can save your time to make a quick decision.

Ask for case studies

The basic purpose of a website is not only having an online presence, but it is about attaining a return on your investment. It is vital to ask the developer for case studies that can provide you specific information, such as an increase in sales, leads, traffic, and conversion rate, etc. within a certain period of time.

What practices he will use to generate revenue?

The web and app development services you are going to select must be as concerned about the generation of revenue as you are. It is their duty to provide you a comprehensive list of proven practices that they integrate into a website design. The practices must be results-driven so that you can get immediate and obvious results.

Will he review and analyze your existing website?

If you are looking for app development services for an existing app or website, then it is better to ask him if he is able to review and analyze it. If yes, then how many pages need to be redesigned, are they loading quickly, and also get information about the strengths and weakness of the design before making any changes.

What he will do to make your website better than your competitors?

It is necessary to generate a unique and highly-functional website that can make you stand in a different position than your competitors. It is possible only if the web developer is an expert and has an understanding of what can work and what does not. If the developer does not give you a satisfactory answer, then never work with him,

How he will manage the entire project properly?

As you know that the web development process is based on many phases in which research, development, designing, launch, and evaluation are included. You have to learn about his project management plans and ask him is there a specific manager who handles the management process. It is necessary to take the progress report of your project from time to time to know how the tasks are being handled.

How much time he devotes on research, analyzing your targeted market, and competitors?

Planning the creation of a website is necessary because it ensures success. It is the responsibility of the developer to invest some time in research about your competitors and the targeted audience to develop a perfect structure, foundations, and other elements of your website.

How long it will take to finish the project successfully?

The time frame for website creation is based on the experience of the developer and how quickly you inform him about your needs. However, it is good to ask for a rough time estimation but never force him to finish the project at a certain deadline. They must offer you redesigning services in a case, you will not like the initial designs. The end results must be able to help you get recognition, bring a huge targeted audience, increased sales, leads, and conversion rate.