5 Serious Consequences of Hard Drive Failure

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Hard drive failure is largely avoidable if you make the proper upgrades and pay attention to common warning signs, but many businesses still keep their devices going until the hard drive fails completely. Here are just 5 serious consequences of letting that happen.

  1. Expensive or Impossible Recovery

Data loss is the most serious consequence of hard drive failure. In most cases, the data will be irretrievably lost. In those rare cases where it is recoverable, the hard drive will still need to be sent to a qualified repair shop, and the cost of recovery will usually be high.

  1. Extensive Downtime

Even if your data can be recovered, you’re probably going to face significant downtime while this happens. If the lost data was important, whole projects could be thrown into disarray. It’s not uncommon for hardware failure to create enough downtime to see a company go out of business altogether. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to keep running, but you’ll still pay a hefty price.

  1. Compliance Issues

If you’ve been keeping abreast of the IT world, you’ll know that laws are tightening over data control. If a client trusts you with their data and you lose it due to avoidable circumstances, you could face fines. These aren’t going to be as high as they would be if the data was stolen instead of lost, but compliance issues are still a possible outcome, especially since hard drive failure is generally avoidable.

  1. Loss of Trust

Maybe you’ll be fortunate enough to avoid compliance issues. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you’ll definitely be out of hot water with your clients. If you have to ask for data to be sent again because it was lost, or if you need to delay the promised work because your hard drive failed, they aren’t going to be impressed, and they won’t be likely to hold your reliability in very high regard.

  1. Expensive Repairs

Finally, keep in mind that you’ll be facing expensive repairs regardless of whether you face any of the consequences listed above. The hard drive is one of the most complex and costly pieces of hardware in your business devices, and going through the process of buying a new one is going to eat into your company’s funds.


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