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Hey there!

I’m Jamie and welcome to my personal, security focused blog, Security Twits.

I  first decided to start this blog and website to try and help people look after themselves, their families and their stuff a little better. In this day & age, our security is comprised of a number of different angles, whether that be online through hacking, within our homes from burglary or within our businesses, for some reason, the world feels a little less safe.

Security Twits aims to give the general public the tools, knowledge and advice they need to help themselves feel safer in any given environment.

It’s not all about that though, here at Security Twits, we love our gadgets and so will also be looking at the gadget, cool tech, stuff that makes your life and travels a little easier. From interesting things that you can use around the home and just about anything else that we think you may be interested in, we will feature. We are always interested in the newest crazes and gadgets so if there is anything you think we have missed, please get in touch or even submit your own review!


You are cruising along, and then technology changes. You have to adapt.

Although security, in general, seems a little lax these days, I do feel that individuals have taken a step back from controlling their own security and have let some of the most basic security provisions slide. Whether that’s online security or their home security, we’ve noticed a very laissez-faire attitude toward security in general so this blog was born and we wanted to help people just take a little more care, with themselves and their stuff.

I have two young kids so I will be talking a lot about my life as a parent and how family life is going at that moment in time. I must warn you though, I have a tendency to talk about things that take my fancy at that moment in time so the topics on Security Twits may vary from installing house alarms to keeping the kids safe online.

Many wonder why I chose the name Security Twits but in all honestly I chose the name on a whim. I have always been a bit of technology geek and love everything gadgety, even at my ripe age but I do think geek can be a little offensive so twits seems to fit more.

So yeah, that’s me in a nutshell really. Be prepared to read some waffle and hopefully you’ll learn something from this blog. That’s my family in the picture and I will probably post a lot of holiday snaps so I will apologise for that in advance.

If there is anything you would like me to specifically comment on, review or offer some advice on, then please do not be shy. I love to hear from Security Twit readers and try very hard to tailor my content to your needs!

If you want to talk to us, feel free to get in touch with us using the contact form on our contact page here.



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