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We spend a lot of time in our homes with our nearest and dearest so security of the home is very important.

Depending on where you live and what kind of building you are in, may determine how safe you feel at home but there are always steps which can be taken to further improve your security and put your mind at ease a little more.

I lived in many different places, some better than others and some more secure than others but I want to share some of my top tips for ensuring security at home to help you and your family feel safer.

Instal a Visual Burglar Alarm

Having an alarm on your house is all good and well but before the potential burglar attempted to get into your home, putting a visible burglary alarm on the front or side of your home can make it more obvious and deter these people from even attempting it.

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Add an Extra Layer of Entry

Adding a fence or gate entry system on the outskirts of your property is another level of security to your home and really comes in handy when deterring burglars.

Ensure your gate, wall, or fence is the same height, ideally above adult height, making it trickier for those looking to get in. This will put them off and add another complicated step to get access to your home. If you own a large estate, you can also explore companies providing Texas security guards or another facility available near your location. You could station a security guard at the entrance of the premises to deter trespassers from entering the property.

Besides this, you can also install security screens on your doors and windows. Good quality security screens (which can be purchased from and its likes) are usually made with tight-weave stainless steel mesh that can resist crowbars, knives, and other burglary tools. The extra layer of protection might prove to be beneficial to keep threats outside.

Put Locks on Garages and Outbuildings

It can be hard to remember to do this as many garages or outbuildings just hold ‘junk’ to you but to others, they can be a goldmine. From electrical power tools to car keys, tires and lawn mowers, there can be some items worth taking.

Add a simple lock to make it hard or messy for buglers to get in.

Don’t Leave Spare Keys Outside

Instead, opt for a secure outdoor key safe which is only opened upon the input of a code or even leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour.

Install Smoke Alarms and Carbon Dioxide Monitors

we worry so much about the security risk posed by others that we sometimes forget to look at the risk from within.

Regularly check your smoke alarm and carbon dioxide monitors to ensure they are all in good working order.

Paired with this, you should ensure your family are all briefed on the route to take if you’re ever faced with a fire within the home. Consider all possibilities of where the fire could start including the kitchen, bedrooms and even stairs.

Security Twits - security at home

Add Extra Locks

Some older houses only come with one key lock which isn’t very secure.

Add a Yale-type lock or a chain system for added home security. Also, getting in touch with a professional locksmith would be an excellent idea, who can offer advice on the type of lock best suited for your premise. A search for “Locksmith Elwood” or similar terms might connect you with a professional locksmith who can install locks safely.

Security of the home is very important and as well as implementing some of the above for your family home, these security measures for your home can help to reduce the cost of insurance on your home, which is always welcomed.

Do you have any extra security tips you think Security Twit readers should know about? Let me know by getting in touch today.