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Every business, whether you work at home alone or employ an office of 20, needs a specific set of security measures in place to project the company as a whole, its cyber presence as well as the employees. There are a host of these you might need to think about for your business, which can be found online on sites like TokenEx for example. Every business must educate themselves on what they need to think about to ensure security online and in real life.

Having the right set of security measures can help to deter and prevent burglars from causing masses of damage to your business. This is why it is wise you carefully review your own business security and implement any changes as soon as possible, whether that means the addition of staff key cards or hiring security guard companies.

I have listed below some of the best ways to increase security at work, if you own a business or have some further ideas on ways Security Twits readers can improve their business security, please get in touch today!

Install Keycard or Code Entry

This will initially cost but the security benefits certainly outweigh the initial payment.

To gain entry into the building, everyone in the office will require a specific code, their own fob, or an ID badge that you can find out here about. Which one you choose will depend on the type of system you want. This allows you to closely monitor who is coming in and out of the building and is especially helpful if you have a lot of visitors or workmen on-site as this can sometimes lead to more problems.

Code entry, although secure, is not as safe as fobbed entry as a bystander may be able to easily see the code input by one of your employees.

Install CCTV

Installing CCTV is a great way to up the security of your business. This CCTV should be placed at each entrance and on each floor.

I do stress that this is for security purposes only and no to spy on employees so these cameras could just face the entrance to each floor and not within every corner, this, of course, all depends on the size of business and office you’re in.

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Use Passwords for Everything

All company computers, laptops and phones should be password protected but not all should have the same code. If a burglar figures out one password then they are able to gain access to all your devices, instead create a coding system that only management know and give each head of department the passwords for computers on their team.

Keep your Staff Informed

All staff should be briefed on the circumstance of a security breach, there should be strict protocol in place as well as a plan of action.

You can install a ‘help’ or emergency button which can call the emergency services or yourself which may be more use within certain sectors such as banking or insurance where the security risk is greater.

Have a Lock Up Procedure in Place

It can be easy for staff to just leave the office at the end of the day or working week but is your business fully secure overnight or over the weekend? You should make sure you have an individual responsible for locking up in the evenings and at weekends and ensuring that a few members of staff have a key.

This is best to be added to your normal security entrance for added measure. You can also look into implementing security glass from companies like Riot Glass, to give another layer of security, especially during the evenings when the building is unoccupied.

Security twits - at work

All of these measures not only help to keep your staff, equipment and office building safe but having these will help with any business insurance you have as you have taken the steps to safeguard your business which may come in useful should a claim ever be made.