Can Remote Guarding Form Part of Elite Security Guarding Services?

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If you’re currently making use of elite security guarding services, or you’re in the market for such services, you may be wondering what can be included in this offering. Many close protection agencies are exceedingly flexible in how they package their services to suit each client, as each client should be seen as an individual with its own preferences and schedules. Proactive security services and remote guarding are examples of a preference that some clients may have.

What is Remote Guarding?

Remote guarding is a proactive security system which combines various security and safety elements in order to provide clients with less invasive protection service. It is different from traditional elite security guarding as the close protection officials do not have to be on the property with you. They can guard you remotely from a separate location and be ready to act if anything seems off. By combining all, or some, of the following, security agencies can provide comprehensive remote guarding services:

  • CCTV Installation and Monitoring
  • Video Analytic Software
  • Alarm Systems
  • Professional Security Agents

Who Would Need Remote Guarding?

Remote guarding is more suited to individuals who prefer to be monitored through technology as opposed to having guards onsite in the traditional sense. Remote guarding is also gaining in popularity in general, as it enhances the two types of security: close protection by a security official and electronic security systems. Remote guarding is therefore recommended for people who have a particular lifestyle and who would like to have access to more modern security methods.

Who Offers Remote Guarding?

If you’re interested in finding out who offers remote guarding within their elite security guarding services, chat to a local close protection or security agency. More and more agencies are adjusting their services to offer modern security solutions to individuals and businesses alike, as these remote security systems gain traction across the globe.