CBD oil in Florida: Everything You Need to Know

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CBD oil is legal in Florida. The buyer may need to know where and how to buy CBD in Florida. Read this article to know more about CBD oil in Florida, including its legality, accessibility, and regulation within this state.

CBD (cannabidiol) has been popular from time immemorial, and many states have been campaigning to get the governments to allow their citizens to use and access it freely. When the federal government removed hemp from the list in the Controlled Substances Act, Florida complied and allowed the use, possession, and selling of hemp. CBD oil is derived as CBD from hemp and marijuana and hemp. Marijuana in Florida remains on the list of the Controlled Substances Act, but they are used for medicinal purposes based on authorization. In the meantime, residents of Florida can enjoy using CBD oil for medicinal and recreational uses. This article highlights the health importance of hemp oil, CBD, and marijuana in relieving pain and managing insomnia and anxiety.

Why Is CBD Oil Legal While Marijuana Is Illegal In Florida

Treese (2020)  stated that CBD oil is legal in Florida so long as it is below 0.3% THC. It is worth noting that marijuana is not strictly illegal in Florida as the user may obtain permission to be exempted if it is intended for medicinal purposes. However, marijuana for recreational purposes is illegal. When discussing the legality or illegality of CBD oil, familiarize yourself with four terms: CBD, THC, marijuana, and hemp. Williams (2021) stated that CBD is derived from hemp. No Cap Hemp Co HHC Gummies is the component laced into oil to transform it into CBD oil. The oil is a carrier; hence, most of the medicinal benefits the user will get will be from CBD. It is a chemical substance alongside THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in hemp and marijuana. Confusion arises when some people think that hemp and marijuana are the same but are not. The main reason hemp and marijuana are different is because of the amount of THC they possess. Hemp has only 0.3% THC, while marijuana has THC levels of up to 90%. Therefore the governments that approve of hemp set the accepted amount of THC of cannabis at 0.3%, and if it is beyond that, then the cannabis is illegal and can attract a penalty of a jail term. In Florida, users may use hemp and all its derivatives, including CBD oil, so long as it is 0.3% and below.

How to buy CBD oil in Florida

CBD oil is available in pharmacies and stores dealing in CBD Infused Gummy Bears all over Florida, but the best place to buy CBD products has always been online so that you may compare the products and select the one you want at your convenience. There are numerous firms selling cannabis and its related products online.

To find an online dispensary, you can simply make a web search. Or, you can also go through the website here which tends to list out some of the top-rated cannabis dispensaries. Make sure to order only from a certified firm to ensure the authenticity of the product you are buying. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind during the purchase process, however. Let’s take a look into them in detail:

The Type of CBD Oil

CBD products are not the same, and as the user buys the CBD oil, they will notice the words “full-spectrum“, “broad-spectrum,” and “CBD isolate” indicated on the packages. It is worth noting that CBD oil, like other CBD oil products, is categorized into groups known as spectrums depending on the effectiveness.

The Reputation of the Company

The reputation of the company that produces the CBD oil precedes the CBD oil, and it is unlikely that the company of fine reputation can ever produce CBD oil of original quality. If the company has a bad reputation, it will be best that the buyer avoids its products.

The Customer Reviews

The customer’s feedback is important to the prospective buyer because it may guide purchasing desirable CBD oil. The user will base their decision on the experiences of the other customers. Customer reviews are important because they include the pros and cons of buying their opinions on the product.

Testing By a Third-Party Laboratory

Testing the CBD oil by a third-party laboratory means that the company is confident about its product and that the contents they claim are in the CBD oil can be confirmed by an unbiased body. The fact that the company has allowed CBD oil to test its products has hinted at honesty, and thus the company can win the user’s trust.

Do I Need A Doctor’s Prescription To Buy CBD Oil In Florida?

You do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy CBD oil in Florida, nor do you need to present any letter from anyone. You may buy CBD oil over the counter like any other over-the-counter drug. However, a first-time buyer should seek the doctor’s counsel on the following issues;

  • The compatibility of the CBD Oil UK and the health status of the user so that the CD oil does not worsen the user’s health.
  • The user may be on if the CBD oil aligns with any medication.
  • The doctor may recommend the best place to buy the CBD oil
  • The doctor may advise the user on the dosage of the CBD oil.
  • The user may learn about any side effects they encounter when using CBD oil and how to deal with them.
  • The user may seek advice on the contents of the CBD oil and go through it with the doctor to check if there may be any ingredient or additive in it that may harm the user.

At What Age Can I Buy CBD Oil In Florida?

The federal law released hemp from the Controlled Substances Act but has not placed a strict age limit for the CBD oil buyer. However, the retailers seem to have set the age at 18. In some online stores, the age might be 21. The retailers decide the age at which they are comfortable selling the CBD oil.


Florida’s CBD oil market has grown tremendously since the federal government decriminalized hemp. As the market grows, so does the substandard CBD oil, so it’s common for users to purchase products that may harm their health. The prospective consumer must do due diligence in buying CBD oil. Before buying CBD oil, a first-timer will be better placed if they find out more about CBD and CBD oil before buying the product. They should also be conscious of the side effects of CBD. It is worth noting that CBD oil is legal in Florida only if the THC content is 0.3% or less because anything more than that percentage may mean that the CBD oil is derived from marijuana which is still illegal in Florida unless the doctor has issued the prescription to purchase marijuana.


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