On holiday

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As your annual break in the sun looms ever nearer, the last thing you want to think about is how to make sure you’re secure. From leaving your home for a long period of time to making sure you’ve taken the correct precautions during your holiday, there is a lot to consider.

Take a look at some of my top tips below for security whilst on holiday.

Neighbourhood Watch

We’re very lucky in the UK as we operate a fantastic Neighbourhood Watch schemes in many of our cities, towns and villages.

This can be utilised whilst on holiday by just letting a few neighbours know that you will be away and to keep an eye on your home for anything unusual, popping around every couple of days to check up on things.

Leave a Few Lights on

You don’t want to advertise that your home is empty, so leaving a few lights on won’t be noticeable during the day but will make it look like someone is home in the evenings.

Security-Twits on Holiday

Switch off all Electronics

Not only will this save you money, but this will also help to reduce any electronic faults such as overheating or the risk of fire.

Before you leave, do a final check and ensure all plug socks are turned off as well as the boiler, cooker and maybe even the water heater.

Make Sure Everything is Locked

This may sound too obvious, but as you’re rushing out of the door to catch a flight it can be easy to forget to check.

From all the windows to doors as well as any garages and cars you’re leaving behind, make sure all are locked and the keys are out of sights. I would advise taking car keys with you in case of a burglary.

Leave a spare set of keys with a trusting neighbour who can check in on the property every couple of days or so.

Don’t Broadcast your Absence

Many of us like to show off that we’re on holiday, posting photos or check-ins on social media that we’re a million miles away but this could be a big mistake!

When we do this, we are simply advertising our unprotected, unoccupied home to potential intruders who now know your home is empty for the following three weeks.Security-Twits on Holiday

We’d suggest avoiding posting your holiday activates on social media until you return home, we’re sure your friends can wait.

Cancel Deliveries

Cancelling services such as the milkman, daily paper and event getting the post office to hold your letters and parcels during your time away helps to avoid your home looking empty.

The build up of the above will indicate no one is home so think ahead and put a pause of these services until you return. The post office can hold your letters for a small fee, so get in touch to discover what they can do to help you keep your home secure during your time away.

So there you have it, some of our top tips for keeping your home safe whilst on holiday. Do you have any other tips & tricks you think we should share with our readers? Let me know by getting in touch today.