Project Delivery – How IT Outsourcing Can Help Your Business

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IT outsourcing to a Managed IT service provider, is going to make the world go round – and this is quite obvious. However, have you ever heard about IT nearshoring services?

What is nearshoring?

Firms offering IT services such as Entech ( and similar others tend to increase the cost-effectiveness of the company with maximum resource optimization and high security.

Using business process outsourcing services can be done in two ways by a company – nearshoring, or offshoring, Nearshoring is a sort of outsourcing of business processes, used in particular when it comes to IT processes, to companies in a neighboring country. The proximity of the countries could bring about a lot of benefits for both sides: no issues with time zone difference, cultural and social similarities, economic and political linkages, along with some historical or geographic connections. Nearshoring is contrary to offshoring. What industries can benefit from making the most of the IT nearshoring services?

What industries can benefit from making the most of the IT nearshoring services?

  • biotech – nearshoring can provide with software to aid pharmaceutical industry and medical healthcare services
  • fintech – nearshoring can bring some advanced solutions for the banking and finance industry
  • e-commerce – nearshoring gives an opportunity to shine by providing excellent solutions for online shopping and websites connected with e-commerce
  • telecom – nearshoring offers a high-quality software development for the telecommunication sector and the IT industry
  • IT & Consulting – nearshoring helps with collaboration with advisory companies and cooperation with IT consulting
  • Industry – nearshoring supports solutions for CNC, industrial automation as well as manufacturing and smart factories.

Why can nearshoring be a solution for your business?

  • nearshoring services providers offer advanced, vast experience, high-level of technological skills, knowledge of business processes and IT expertise. You simply know that your idea is in good hands of specialists.
  • the high quality of code ensures you that the work will be done in a right way
  • nearshoring connects with investment, but in the end you can make a great saving
  • the flexible team for your project is built fast and smoothly
  • projects are managed in accordance to agile methodology
  • you pay for the actual time spent on your particular projects – so the rules are clear and transparent for both parties

Where should you start?

There are increasingly more companies specialized in offering nearshoring solutions, and JCommerce is one of them. They provide a wide spectrum of IT services and technologies (Java, .NET, PHP, BI, ERP) to deliver the full project delivery process while maintain an excellent customer service. More about delivery of projects you can read below: .

Outsourcing your project development to the professionals has never been easier. If you struggle with your manpower or quality of current processes, you should seriously consider nearshoring as it can be a great way to save some money while obtain some perfect results.


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