SEO vs. PPC: Which is Best for Your Small Business?

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Nowadays, many businesses are dealing with the dilemma of what to pursue: SEO or PPC. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process in which you work towards making your website as compatible with Google criteria as you can possibly make it. The technique relies on keywords, browser and platform compatibility, and even the speed and the quality of your website’s coding. Getting your website SEO-friendly may require contacting an SEO expert from or another similar website since they might know how to navigate the search engine rankings. On the other hand, PPC, or ‘Pay Per Click’ ads, are ads that you need to pay for every time they are used to access your website. This is the most efficient and effective method since you are not just paying to have your site featured in some forgotten corner of other people’s websites. They are actually motivated to help you since it boosts their profits. So, the question is: SEO vs. PPC: Which is best for your small business?

The advantages of SEO

Increased website outreach

The whole point of hiring an SEO Service could be to make your website stand out more, thereby increasing your outreach. With the higher rankings, you will be able to attract organic traffic to your website easily. This, in turn, would mean that the interested parties are willingly seeking you out, which will help a lot with the growth of your small business. This is especially important for websites that serve as online stores. Of course, in that case, you would need to worry about the dos and don’ts of designing an eCommerce website. But they are relatively easy to account for while keeping your SEO as high in quality as you can manage since there is a lot of overlap.

Free in the long run

Naturally, when discussing the matter of SEO and PPC, you cannot fail to mention the price. And the cheapness of SEO is overwhelming in comparison to the alternative. You will not need to keep constantly paying for every click the way you would for PPC, and once your SEO is set up through a reputable seo agency, you only need to care about maintaining your Google rankings. Of course, we must note that you will still need to make a few investments along the way if you cannot do the job yourself. SEO is best expressed through having more content on your website. Which, typically, means running a blog or similar. If you cannot come up with good blog content yourself, you can look for assistance and pay for good content with excellent SEO.

Sustainable and consistent results

The increased outreach and the fact that it relies on content are all excellent points in favor of SEO in the SEO vs. PPC debate. But there is more. You see, the advantages of SEO all perfectly synergize with each other. Cheapness means you can get more content that will stay relevant. Rich content means that people will be more interested in your website in the long term when they discover it. And the greater outreach will mean that you will get a lot more organic clicks on your website. This all comes together to ensure that your SEO will continue to accumulate value the longer you are using it, allowing you to relax and focus more on acquiring the other required knowledge for running a small business website.

The advantages of PPC

Results show quickly

The first reason to recommend PPC over SEO is the speed you will see results. While SEO can take a long time to build up and start drawing the attention of potential customers, you can expect to see at least some results right away after investing in PPC ads. This is why the new and rapidly growing small businesses tend to prefer PPC when faced with the dilemma of SEO vs. PPC.

Still, note that you might need professional help if you want to best appeal to your audience. Different approaches may be necessary depending on the type of business you run. For instance, if you are running a moving company and considering looking into PPC for moving companies, it is smart to turn to experts for this since they will make sure you get the best possible results for your investment.

Good for brand building

If you are looking for digital-age marketing tips, you need not look further than PPC. It can help you build up your brand awareness and recognition very quickly if you use an aggressive marketing strategy and publish your ads on as many platforms as possible. And, coupled with our previous point on how PPC is the best at showing results quickly, you will also be able to recoup the loss of the money you had invested relatively quickly.

An efficient way to build up a customer base

The final advantage of PPC when comparing SEO vs. PPC is that it is excellent for building up your customer base. While SEO will attract more people, in the long run, any business needs to start somewhere. You need a stable customer base to tide over the awkward beginnings of your small business. And even if you are not struggling, having a larger customer base is always beneficial.

What it comes down to

So, SEO vs. PPC: which is best for your small business? As you could have gleaned from our points, your decision will largely depend on your needs. If you need to get a lot of customers and interest quickly to grow your business or tide over a rough patch, then PPC, despite its costs, will be your best bet. On the other hand, if you are trying to invest in long-term development and something that can grow into a massive benefit for your business that does not require more money, you will likely opt for SEO. Finally, note there is another, admittedly recommended option: Using the two in sync. PPC and SEO are, in fact, compatible. Your ads can even be SEO-friendly and further your SEO goals.