Shining a Light on the Dark Web – What Happens in the Shadows of the Internet

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The so-called dark web which is very closely linked with what’s referred to as the deep internet or the deep web isn’t a mere myth. It actually exists and there are a lot of sinister and nefarious activities which go on in those dark embers of the World Wide Web, which are happening like clock-work.

It’s perhaps a good idea to shine a little light on some of the on-goings of these darkest corners of the internet, so as to spread a bit of awareness as to what malicious users are looking for when they try to gain access to your sensitive information and what they do with it once they manage to gain access.

Some of the worst things that go on in the dark web are real criminal activities that play out over markets, not unlike those the general internet-using public uses on a daily basis. Just as there is a search engine like Google, there are numerous popular search engines used in the dark web to firstly hide the identities of illicit users and secondly to search for information that would constitute illegal activity.

Other than this, you can also find a lot of sexual content on websites like PornV and other such websites. The place is known for all kinky taboo things including porn videos with intense themes such as BDSM, cross-dressing, handjob, anal, and even roleplays like a patient, teacher, public, etc. There can also be gay porn websites, perhaps one such as GayPornHD with multiple categories. The dark web and deep web are places where you can find anything and everything, including offensive content.

Marketplaces not unlike the likes of eBay and Amazon also exist in the dark web, except those which exist in the dark web provide a very extensively used platform for illicit traders to buy and sell illegal items such as drugs, weapons, illegal porn, and yes, as disturbing as it may be, you can even hire a hit man, whom you’ll likely pay for with stolen credit card details.

It’s ultimately all about money — money is what talks on the dark web…