Sneaky Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Computer

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One of the best ways to keep your computer running efficiently is to cut down on the background resources by uninstalling services or applications that you do not use. This saves a lot of space and processing time and makes your computer work faster even when you open several applications. You must always keep your computer protected from viruses and trojans that infect your computer and slow down its performance. It also hits the processing speed and makes the entire functioning go haywire. Install an anti-virus and anti-malware software and run it regularly to scan for viruses and malware hidden in your computer. There are many more tips that speed up the functioning if your computer and make it work efficiently.

Organize folders and remove extra file

Run a disk clean, which is an inbuilt application in the Windows OS that removes extra and duplicate files and keeps the system and folders organized. It also aligns the sectors in the hard disk making more room for storage space. Running disk clean regularly on all of your hard drives keeps the hard disk clean and makes it work at optimum levels. Users who are running an Intel machine can look into the Core i5 6400 CPU review to understand its capabilities that enhance the efficiency of the daily workload of computers.

Disable unwanted system and background processes

Run MSconfig and uncheck background process that is running and you do not need. Many processes are there that run in the background and you can disable as well as stop when you are not using it. For instance, you can stop the print spooler background process when you do you not use a printer. Likewise, there are many devices whose processes are enabled by default that you can stop or disable when you do not use them. Carefully check the list of background services and disable services that are not of any use to you. This saves a lot of processing time, puts a lesser load on the processor and speeds up the operations of your computer.

Change the display settings to best recommended

There are many unwanted and fancy display settings that eat up the resources of CPU. When your focus is on the efficiency, turn off the fancy display settings and choose the best-recommended settings that make the operations easy and faster. Doing this consumers power and boosts the overall performance of the computer.

Clean up registry

Get software that cleans up the registry. When you uninstall a program, its values are still stored in the system registry, and this can pose a program and affect the performance of the application if you want to reinstall it again. For this, it is essential to clean up the registry to remove this value so all of the applications that you uninstall and reinstall function optimally.

Run system updates and keep your system up-to-date

System and windows updates must be turned on and not disabled. When updates are installed automatically, it protects your system from errors and harmful virus. Additionally, you can also install anti-virus software as well as firewall, so your system stays protected and works efficiently.

There are several tweaks that can be used to keep your computer running at optimum levels. Always ensure that you backup all of your files in case of a system failure. Keep the hardware as well as the software of your computer clean to keep it running at optimum levels for a longer time.


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