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iPhone 7

When it was announced Apple were once again getting set for the release of a new model, everyone, as usual, went into hysterics.

I, of course, ran out and picked mine up but after the initial hype, I’m here to give a frank and honest review of the product.

First of all, there is nothing to fault with the sleek and stylish exterior of the iPhone 7, it’s revolutionary in its design which makes it’s completely unique.

The software and quick-witted, forward thinking of this device give us a glimpse of the future and it’s utterly incredible.

The A10 Fusion processor blends two high-power cores which together rival that of a laptop offering Apple users something they had not yet had the pleasure of experiencing.

To sum up the iPhone 7, it’s a fantastic phone and following a few iOS glitches it’s now running smoothly and the best phone Apple have produced.

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Samsung Gear S3 Watch

The Samsung Gear S3 is a rival to the Apple Watch and it may be surprising to hear that it is a fair match.

The attractive design with spinning bezel interface works great and the inbuilt system is impressive. The only downfall is that the software does not have enough support and so the iOS connection is quite buggy which can be tricky to tolerate, especially when we have become so used to seamless software.

Overall it is a nice watch, a little chunky for my liking but it is a solid device for Samsung users.

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Nintendo Switch

I love a new gaming device and as I am a parent, it gives me a good excuse to purchase and test them out!

The Nintendo Switch was highly anticipated and surrounded by a lot of rumours and expectation.

Well, it certainly delivered. The portable and fun device is the perfect family vacation accessory which is easy to carry on board and in the car, can be played by two members of the family or everyone, there is a mass of games which can be played and the battery life is, up till now, superb.

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LG Signature W-Series “Wallpaper” TV

I love a good new TV design and the LG “Wallpaper” TV was something I felt I had been waiting an entirety for.

The 8,000 price tag isn’t for the faint heated, and if you’re asking if it is worth that kind of money, then this is not the TV for you.

At 2.57mm thick W7 this TV is utterly revolutionary and the most impressive TV I have ever seen. Its simplicity is beautifully constructed and the unit consists of two parts; the OLED panel and the main control unit-cum-soundbar, you’ll need to check that you have the right dimensions before setting this up!

The picture as you can imagine is more life-like than any other TV on the market but the sound does lack depth and conviction so if you’re after the full experience I would recommend buying a paired sound system to boost the overall experience. Obviously, if you’re really into having good quality sound to pair with your TV, then looking around at for high-quality amplifiers and speakers from the likes of Graham Slee HiFi would be advisable. There is nothing better than having a complete surround sound experience powered by good quality components! It is also worth looking into voice control as being able to control your TV and sound system with your voice really makes it seem quite futuristic. Have a look at the company VIZIO if this is something that interests you.

Of course, with a TV this size, you’re going to want some high-quality content to watch on it, whether that be rewatching your favorite TV show for the fifth time on demand, or eagerly awaiting the next sporting event that you can watch live. You’ll want to keep an eye out for service providers that can give you the best of both worlds when it comes to choices on what to watch. If you’re not sure where to start, AT&T TV have some great bundle deals that you can take a look at.
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For any tech purchases, it’s always best to ensure that you’re making a well-informed choice. Plenty of products have a huge price tag with very little in terms of specs and quality – so find out from actual users whether you should invest in any product. I always check sites like Only Reviews for more information about what I’m about to buy, it’s the best way to avoid buyers remorse.