The Evolution of the Cash Advance Email Scam

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With all the awareness spread around concerning what is now the notorious so-called cash advance scam, you’d think that the number of users falling victim in this day and age would be nearing zero. That’s certainly not the case however because as much as the push-back is getting more sophisticated, so too are the scammers themselves.

Cash advance email scams have become super sophisticated. If you think replying and poking fun at what you deem to be the scammer’s feeble attempts at getting your attention, they’ve automatically gained some ground. Their simple knowledge of the fact that this email belongs to a living, breathing person means they can immediately go to town on trying to use it to access some of the other sites to which you’re a member, or just to contact other potential victims to create the perfect smokescreen. So don’t respond to them.

So it’s not so much exclusively about trying to con you out of your money by somehow getting you to pay an upfront fee for a larger sum of money you’re made to believe you’re going to get, but more about using the fact that your credentials belong to a real person for other illicit online activities.

Have you ever wondered why they use bad grammar as well? Well it’s so that they can weed out those potential victims who are clued up and have a good command of their language so as to rather deal exclusively with those potential victims who aren’t likely to catch onto the technicalities which expose the whole scam as exactly that — a scam.