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Taking care of your family, belongings and personal information should be of the utmost importance at all times.

But how exactly do you do so without allowing security to completely consume all of your time?

From ensuring extra security and firewall checks on your home computers to installing CCTV and additional alarms around your home, there are a number of procedures you can carry our to put your mind at easy.

Computer & Cyber Security

Review all passwords & pin numbers

Man of us fall into the habit of using the same security details for everything which can make it incredibly easy for hackers to gain access into every aspect fo our lives.

From emails to work documents and bank accounts, make sure your password is strong, unique and regularly changed.

Think twice before opening email links

Emails are a great way for hackers to get information from you and can encrypt your software with bugs by simply sending you a link.

If you receive an email from an unknown source or have your suspicions, do not open it and most importantly do not click on any internal links.

Be Cautious of the apps you download

Your phone, if you allow it, can be a gateway to your whole life. From emails to bank accounts and private messages and photos, if someone is able to get hold of your phone and get into it then you are particularly vulnerable.

Make sure your banking app has a two-step security entry and always remember to update your phone or apps as this is will ensure the highest level of security.

If using public wifi, use a VPN

Public wifi isn’t always the safest so protect yourself and invest in a VPN for when you need to use openly accessible Internet.

Home Security

Do an exterior check

They may not be obvious but take a walk around your property and with a suspicious mind, try and find the holes in your home security. They may not be obvious, but take a walk around your property and with a suspicious mind, try and find holes in your home’s security. Ensuring outdoor security is an essential aspect of maintaining a secure home. Assessing your property’s vulnerabilities allows you to identify potential weak points, such as unsecured gates, broken fences, or poorly lit areas where thieves could easily go unnoticed. Addressing these concerns and implementing measures like installing security cameras, motion sensor lights, or a secure package drop-off location, you can implement vehicle and package theft prevention and enhance your overall home security. Also, test the windows and doors for any easy entry and if you find anything lacking, be quick to fix it. An easy entry point that many people forget about is the garage. Even if there isn’t a door through to the house, an intruder can still steal valuables in the garage like bikes and power tools. Use a company like queen city garage doors concord nc to repair and strengthen your garage doors and make sure that the locks are tough. Fit extra bolts if needs be and remember to keep them locked.

Invest in sensor lights

Sensor lights are relatively cheap and are a great way of deterring burglars or those up to no good.

Simply position above your front door or porch and when something approaches the light will automatically turn on. You can immediately know when an intruder trespasses and thus be able to defend yourself and turn them away.

Arm Yourself

In case you decide to take more stringent measures, like equipping yourself with a firearm for added protection, make sure you abide by the gun laws in your respective state and fulfill all criteria for holding one. Websites like should be able to help you in this regard.
Security twits

Regularly test your security alarm

There is no use in a security camera when it doesn’t work efficiently. Moreover, the inefficiency of your security camera may require you to replace it with a smarter and newer version from the likes of

However, if purchasing a new security camera is not something you want, then do some check and update the code of your existing security camera (and alarm, if you have one) every couple of months and only allow those in the property to know.

That said, if you have a security alarm installed and you are planning on going on holiday, it may be wise to tell a neighbour the code of your alarm. This can help them stop the device in case of an accidental alarm. You don’t want to return from 2 weeks in the sun to a street full of tired neighbours who have been kept up day and night by your faulty security system.

Get a dog

Not the most obvious security solution, but having a dog can help to heighten your security and deter burglars. They will let you know when someone is approaching or at the door and have a pretty good judge of character!

Plus, who doesn’t want a family dog?

Security twits