What Benefits Can Unified Threat Management Bring to Your Business?

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Unified Threat Management, usually abbreviated as UTM, is a form of cyber security that packages everything together in a single solution. Multiple security functions are provided from a single point on the network, typically under the control of a professional administrator.

Need to know why that’s a good thing? Here you go.

Centralised Management

It used to be that network security was divided into lots of separate little boxes, but those days have passed. The driving philosophy behind UTM has always been simplification and centralisation. Administrators enjoy the ability to manage a large range of threats across both local and remote environments using a single command centre. As such, they can respond to emerging threats very quickly. They’ll also be able to stay on top of patching and software management across everything from firewall to spyware detection.


Having all your security eggs in one basket might sound like too fixed an arrangement for growing businesses. In fact, UTM is ideal for booming businesses since such an arrangement provides a wonderful degree of versatility. With security coming in one package, you can easily add new services or scale up and down in pace with your growth. Instead of dealing with multiple programs and subscriptions, you’ll only need to work through one, and that makes changing your setup a whole lot easier.

Reduced Expenses

Consolidation always tends to lower costs, and that certainly holds true when it comes to UTM. All your security hardware and software is combined into one unit, so you’ll pay one single price instead of lots of smaller ones, and that single payment is likely to see you saving. Additionally, most administrators will work for a single vendor, so licensing is easy and often comes with financial incentives that will be passed on to you.



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